for Bussiness Clients

Temporary living– at affordable conditions

room4rent offers business travellers short-term living with attractive, readily available, modernly furnished and Serviced Apartments for periods of two months to two years. In addition, typical services can be booked according to customised client requirements, allowing more flexible pricing. A special feature: concierge service at each of our buildings.

Businesses have the following ways available to them for booking apartments:

Standard Business Booking

If you already know when your business has a need for temporary living and up to five apartments are needed, then under Business Search (top right of this page), select the location desired, the date and length of stay, and then start your Apartment Search. After entering the category and number of apartments desired, you will be taken to Business Registration. Then follow the booking steps and reserve the apartments desired. Wish to book additional services? You can do so using the online account you created. Our concierges will be glad to provide the help you need with any unanswered questions you might still have!

Customised Business Solution

You know that your business will be needing some apartments in the near future but cannot yet specify either the exact time period or the exact quantity. Our concierges will be happy to assist you in finding a made-to-measure solution for your business. The booking conditions will be developed jointly and recorded in a framework agreement. After signing by both sides, the concierge will create an online account for your business (according to the information you provide), and through our Home you can search for available apartments at our various locations for the time desired and reserve them under the agreed conditions. It goes without saying that other services can also be booked in addition.

Then please fill in the contact form below. One of our concierges will be glad to contact you.