• The deposit serves to secure receivables that may arise in connection with the tenancy agreement and will be returned to the bank account specified after the apartment has been vacated and left in orderly condition with no defects.


  • The rent remains the same, even if you stay for a lengthy period or reserve several apartments. A guaranteed value is agreed for the rent according to the 2010 consumer price index published monthly by Statistik Austria. The guaranteed value is calculated on 1 January each year according to the difference between the index published for the previous September and the index published in the September two years before.


  • Both ways are possible. What is important is that we receive an amount of EUR 2,090.00 in our account before the tenancy period commences (unless otherwise regulated in a general agreement), otherwise you will not be able to move in. Please note that the first instalment of the deposit or the entire payment and the handling charge must be credited to our account no more than 10 days after you make your booking, otherwise your reservation will be deleted from our system.


  • You do not have to pay the rent for the entire period in advance. A bill will be sent to the email address you specify on the 5th of each month. This means the first rental payment will be requested on the 5th of the month after your booking commences.

  • What is important – unless otherwise regulated in the general agreement – is to pay the deposit of EUR 2,000.00 and the handling charge of EUR 90.00 must have been received in the Landlord's account before moving in.

  • Once you have registered, all apartment reservations are handled online at www.room4rent.at. If you need to make a multiple business booking, you can fill out a contact form on the website, after which the concierge will contact you in person to conclude an additional general agreement.


  • The handing over of an apartment from/to the room4rent-concierge is only possible on weekdays, due to the office opening hours (unless otherwise expressly agreed). Please notice, that the return of an apartment has to be made until 11:00 o´clock (during the opening hours of the office).

  • The amount of rent payable depends on the category of the apartment, the floor on which it is located and the direction in which it faces. Example: the higher the apartment, the higher the price.


  • Is parking available?

    The parking available depends on the location:

    • Storchengasse 4: You can use the StarInn Hotel’s car park; please book directly at the hotel.
    • Messecarée Nord: There is an underground car park but the number of parking spaces is limited. If these are all occupied, there will be a waiting list; please ask the concierge for more information.
    • Leopoldtower: Here you can use the EKAZENT CITYGATE car park. You can obtain further information from the info desk directly in the shopping centre. Parking spaces can also be rented in the nearby Park & Ride car park.
    • HOCH 33: This room4rent-location Comes with with an underground parking. For further Details pleease contact the Concierge.

    In principle, cars can be parked on the street in front of the buildings. However, Vienna’s short-term parking zone regulations apply.

  • It depends on the room4rent-Location. Some of them have bicycle parking spaces available. For further information please ask the Concierges .